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Are you looking for a simple career in Canada? If you answered yes, then there are plenty of fruit and food packaging jobs waiting for you. Fruit packers, as well as food and beverage packers, are in high demand. If you’re looking for a job in Canada for foreign workers and wish to work in the fruit and food packing industries, read the job descriptions carefully and apply for any of the positions listed below.

Case packer, box packer, grocery packer, vegetable packer, fruit packer, biscuit packer, food packer, cookies packer, meatpacker, apple packer, strawberry packer, and many other packaging professions are available in Canada. We will make every effort to supply you with a variety of packaging options. So, have a look at the most recent food and fruit packaging job openings in Canada for international employees, freshers, and experienced professionals, together with information on eligibility, pay, experience, and business information.

Food Packer and Fruit Packing Jobs in Canada

The Food Packer is responsible for stacking and putting items into their correct containers, as well as preparing them for transportation, utilizing a range of equipment. Cleans and prepares containers before placing and putting stuff in them.

Packer Jobs in Canada

Packer Job Details

Location: Multiple places in Canada
Job Type: Full Time/Part-Time
Working Hours: 36 Hours – 40 Hours weekly
Job Vacancies: 680+ positions
Salary: $14-$20 per hour [depend upon employer] Language Skills: English/French
Experience: Preferred

Benefits of Working as a Packer in Canada

– Pension Plan 401(k)
– Insurance for health and life
– Insurance for People With Disabilities
– Benefits of Vision Care
– Dental Insurance Benefits
– Benefits of Group Insurance
– Overtime Allowances at an Attractive Salary
– Food and lodging allowances are included in the annual bonus.
– Insurance & Medical
– According to Canadian government regulations, average wage increase should be 10%.

Exciting Packer Jobs for Food, Fruits and Vegetables in Canada | Food Packaging Careers


Packer – Manufacturing

  CRS Packaging Inc Woodbridge (ON) $16.00 to $17.00 hourly Apply
Box packer Galaxy Home Furnishing Corp Mississauga (ON) $15.00 hourly Apply
Candy packer Brittles ‘n More Ltd Waterloo (ON) $14.50 to $16.00 hourly Apply
Packer – manufacturing Ronco Woodbridge (ON) $15.00 to $17.00 hourly Apply
Candy packer Rheo Thompson Candies Stratford (ON)  $14.75 hourly Apply
Packer – manufacturing MagCan Plastics Inc Brampton (ON) $14.25 hourly Apply
Packer, boxes Bay Growers Inc. Clarksburg (ON) $15.30 hourly Apply
Beer carton packer Three Ranges Brewing Company Valemount (BC)  $15.50 per hour Apply
Vegetable packer – farm Armstrong Top Pack Leamington (ON)  $14.60 hourly Apply
Frozen food packer Shearer’s Snacks Guelph (ON)  N/A Apply
 Other labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities BENCHMARK SITE SERVICES Saskatoon (SK) $11.45 to $13.00 hourly Apply
Nut and bolt packer – metal products manufacturing Prestige Métal inc. Québec (QC) $18.25 hourly Apply
Food processing labourer Bunge North America Edmonton (AB)  N/A Apply
Packer, vegetables – farm Downey Potato Farms Inc. Melancthon (ON) $14.39 hourly Apply
Labourer, packaging Les meubles St-Damase Inc Saint-Damase (QC) $17.00 hourly Apply
Vegetable packer – farm Armstrong Top Pack Leamington (ON) $14.60 hourly Apply
 Labourer – packaging Ani/Mont Technologies Inc. Barrie (ON) $16.50 hourly Apply
 Labourer – packaging Tri-Art Manufacturing Inc. Kingston (ON) $17.57 hourly Apply
Labourer, packaging company Laboratoire Du-Var Boucherville (QC) $15.00 hourly Apply
Labourer, packaging Aliments Prémont / Premont Foods Sainte-Angèle-de-Prémont (QC) $14.99 hourly Apply

How Do I Apply for Packer Positions?

Simply click on the “Apply Now” link if you are interested in any of the positions listed above.

  1. You will then be sent to the government of Canada’s official job portal, JobBank.
  2. Pay close attention to all of the employment requirements.
  3. Select “Show How to Apply” from the drop-down menu.
  4. There you may find information about the employer, such as an email address, postal address, or an application link.
  5. Carry out the steps outlined there.

Keep checking back to this page for future packer job vacancies.

Packer Job Requirements in Canada

Education: There is no such thing as a degree, certificate, or diploma.

Experience: Experience is a valuable asset.

Specific Skills:

  1. Work as part of a team with supervisory duties shared
  2. Remove filled containers off the conveyors
  3. Pack items by hand into bags, boxes, or other containers
  4. Feeding and unloading of processing equipment
  5. Clean machinery and work surfaces in the near vicinity
  6. Examine items and packaging for obvious flaws
  7. Assist process control and machine operators with their responsibilities
  8. Raw ingredients, final products, and packaging materials are transported
  9. Measure materials and pour them into the hoppers of mixing and grinding equipment

Food Packer’s Responsibilities and Duties 

  • Materials and goods are packaged manually
  • Performs basic quality control tests such as measuring, weighing, strength testing, counting packages, and assessing the look of a product or package.
  • Folds and tapes boxes, labels them, and arranges them on pallets in the proper order.
  • Has a thorough understanding of frequently utilized concepts, techniques, and procedures in a certain subject.
  • To fulfill the job’s tasks, he or she relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines.
  • Work is supervised immediately.
  • Using marking tools, mark and label containers, container tags, or items.
  • Products and materials should be measured, weighed, and counted.
  • Products and materials should be measured, weighed, and counted.
  • To verify that packaging standards are satisfied, examine and inspect containers, materials, and goods.
  • On specified forms and records, keep track of product, packaging, and order information.
  • Remove any finished or faulty items or materials and place them on conveyors or in designated places such as loading docks.
  • Glues, fasteners, nails, and hand tools are used to seal containers or materials.
  • Fill package processing equipment with supplies and goods.
  • Using hand tools, assemble, line, and pad cartons, crates, and containers.
  • Cleaning solutions and hand tools are used to clean containers, materials, supplies, and work environments.
  • Packages of transportation to customers’ cars
  • Fill containers from spouts or chutes, or place or pour items or ingredients into containers with hand tools and equipment.
  • Using hand tools, get, transport, and sort items, supplies, containers, and orders.


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