Urgent! Farm worker jobs in Canada for foreigners, June 2023

Farm worker jobs in Canada for foreigners (NOC 85100) | Urgent Hiring 2023

Canada’s vast and picturesque landscapes are not only renowned for their natural beauty but also for their thriving agricultural industry. In recent years, the demand for farm workers in Canada has grown significantly, creating abundant opportunities for foreigners seeking employment in this sector. This descriptive text aims to provide an insightful overview of farm worker jobs in Canada, capturing the essence of the experience that awaits those who embark on this fulfilling journey.

As the seasons change, so too does the scenery on Canadian farms. From the sun-kissed prairies of Alberta to the fertile valleys of Ontario, each region boasts its own unique agricultural charm. With its diverse climate and vast agricultural lands, Canada cultivates a wide range of crops, including wheat, barley, canola, fruits, vegetables, and more. This rich variety of agricultural produce opens the door to a plethora of farm worker opportunities for foreigners with a passion for working the land.

Working on a Canadian farm as a foreigner is not just about cultivating crops; it is an immersive experience that connects individuals with the rhythm of nature. As the sun rises over the sprawling fields, farm workers don their sturdy boots and brimmed hats, ready to engage in a day of meaningful labor. Whether you find yourself carefully planting seeds in the cool morning breeze or harvesting bountiful crops under the warm afternoon sun, each day brings a tangible sense of accomplishment.

Farm worker jobs in Canada encompass a wide range of tasks that vary depending on the season and the specific crop being grown. From sowing seeds and tending to plants to operating machinery and maintaining equipment, each task requires diligence, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the land. The work is physically demanding, often involving long hours and exposure to the elements, but it is also incredibly rewarding, allowing workers to witness the fruits of their labor firsthand.

Beyond the fields, farm workers in Canada have the opportunity to immerse themselves in rural communities and embrace the country’s warm hospitality. Many farms provide accommodation for their workers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cultural exchange among employees from various backgrounds. The shared meals, stories, and traditions become an integral part of the experience, forging lasting friendships and creating memories that transcend borders.

Canada’s commitment to worker safety and fair labor practices ensures that farm workers are provided with adequate training, protective gear, and a supportive working environment. The country’s strong legal framework guarantees the rights and well-being of workers, making it an attractive destination for foreigners seeking stability and a better quality of life.

For those who are passionate about the natural world, farming in Canada offers an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with the land and contribute to the country’s thriving agricultural sector. It provides a platform for personal growth, fostering resilience, perseverance, and a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness between humanity and nature.

So, if you are a foreigner seeking adventure, meaningful work, and a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of Canada’s countryside, consider embarking on a farm worker journey. In the vast fields and welcoming communities, you will find not only a job but an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your life.

If you’re interested in finding Farm worker jobs in Canada for foreigners, Here are some of the best opportunities for foreigners right now!
Farm worker jobs in Canada for foreigners
Farm worker jobs in Canada for foreigners

Farm worker jobs in Surrey, BC – Job details

Company Bains Berry Farms Ltd.
Job Location Surrey, BC
Job type Permanent employment
Full time
Salary $17.00 hourly 40 hours per week
Shift Day, Evening, Weekend, Shift, Flexible Hours, Early Morning, Morning
Start date Starts as soon as possible






  • No degree, certificate or diploma


Will train

Work site environment

  • Fruit and vegetable combination farming
  • Outdoors
  • Wet/damp
  • Dusty
  • Hot
  • Cold/refrigerated



  • Plant, cultivate and irrigate crops
  • Fertilize and spray crops
  • Harvest crops
  • Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment

Experience and specialization

Type of crops

  • Blueberries

Additional information

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Fast-paced environment
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Handling heavy loads
  • Physically demanding
  • Attention to detail
  • Hand-eye co-ordination
  • Ability to distinguish between colours
  • Combination of sitting, standing, walking
  • Standing for extended periods
  • Walking
  • Bending, crouching, kneeling

Personal suitability

  • Flexibility
  • Team player

The employer accepts applications from:

  1. Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.
  2. Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

How to apply

By email



End date


Source: jobbank

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